Medicare Supplement
Medicare Supplements offer peace of mind with little to no out of pocket costs for medical services. As well as take advantage of Medicare's Nationwide Network 
Medicare Advantage
Medicare Advantage plans are a great way to simplify your medicare coverage. These plans combine your medical, prescription, and even dental coverage all in one plan. 
Part D Prescription Drug Plans
I offer annual reviews on your Part D plans to ensure you are not paying too much for your prescription Drug coverage, 
Employer Benefits
More Plan Options
Unlike the individual market, Employer plans have a larger market to choose from when shopping for a plan. There are multiple Insurance carriers in the small business market that make this larger variety possible. 
Lower Costs
By offering health insurance, not only does the employer gain tax benefits for offering insurance, but so does the employee.  The Employee has the benefit for paying their health Insurance with Pre-Tax Dollars which lowers their taxable income that could save up to  30%-40%  annually.
Employee Retention
Studies have shown that offering  Health Insurance is one of the best ways to keep your employee retention rate high. 
ACA Individual Insurance
Health Care Marketplace
Enrollment is processed through the Health Insurance Marketplace ( Here you can find the Affordable Care Act (ACA) plans and prices from multiple companies who offer coverage in your area. Going through the Health Insurance Marketplace you can see if you will qualify for a subsidy and/or  cost-sharing reduction to help offset the cost of your policy.
Direct to a Carrier
Going directly to the insurance companies makes enrollment simple! We can look at a variety of options such as a PPO, HMO, HSA, EPO and POS plans. Plans are county specific with prices based on age. While there's no premium subsidy available off-exchange there could be additional plans offered when compared to the federal marketplace.
Short Term Plans
While these policies are not considered ACA compliant and not recommended for long-term use, it's an excellent option while transitioning from one plan to another. Short Term Health can be as little as 30 days of coverage and help give you financial protection against high medical expenses. If you are between jobs or uninsured because the open enrollment is over, these plans could be the perfect fit for you!